Jivox, AppNexus Team to ‘Reinvent’ Online Ad Retargeting

Smaato Aims to Clean Up the Mobile Advertising EcosystemJivox, a data-driven platform for personalized digital advertising, unveiled Monday a strategic partnership and technology integration with AppNexus, a programmatic platform for buying and selling digital advertising.

The market leaders have joined forces to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive personalized digital advertising solution through the seamless integration of Jivox’s dynamic creative platform with the AppNexus Programmable Bidder.

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a simple form of online advertising that allows brands to “follow” consumers after they’ve left a website to encourage their eventual purchase.

“The current generation of retargeting technologies is still very rudimentary,” said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox. “These products can’t qualitatively or quantitatively assess a user and their likelihood to engage. They also don’t leverage today’s vast amounts of available data and lack the algorithmic sophistication to determine a user’s true interests or intent. Thus these are the products responsible for the all-too-common ads which repeatedly bombard users with offers for products they have already purchased.”

“The integration of Jivox’s dynamic creative technology into the AppNexus platform offers our joint customers an unprecedented level of precision in finding the best individuals and audiences to reach and delivering a sensibly tailored message to them – by using personalization data and algorithms to automatically adjust bids in real time based on user behavior,” said Alex Chatfield, senior director of client advisory, AppNexus. “We are very excited about what this significant partnership and integration will bring to our clients and the entire market.”