Jetlore Rolls Out Support for Multiple Content Types in Personalized Experiences Across Channels

jetloreJetlore, a provider of Algorithmic Personalized Content Orchestration for enterprise e-commerce, now supports what it calls “cohesive multi-content experiences” and provides marketers with the ‘Layout Generator’, a tool to manage their content orchestration.

Jetlore says it has pioneered algorithmic content orchestration, which provides the automated selection, combination, and delivery of optimized content into every customer experience.

The transformational power of Jetlore’s new release is that personalized content orchestration offers a method to ignite cross-channel two-way content-based communication between retailers and customers.

Jetlore presents content in one channel, listens for the customer’s response (even if it’s simply to ignore), and dynamically adapts the next set of content in whatever channel the customer visits. This dialogue sits at the center of Relationship Commerce.

“Today’s crowded retail market demands that marketers find better ways to more deeply connect with consumers,” said Eldar Sadikov, CEO and Founder of Jetlore. “Relationship Commerce is a method for retailers to continuously engage customers with fresh content drawn from diverse sources to deliver non-repetitive relevant experience across different channels.”