Jay Leno Going Mobile?

The new Jay Leno show in the works for NBC may have a mobile component.

According to Jeff Zucker, NBC Entertainment President, more NBC programming will strive to be interactive in forthcoming seasons of original programming.

Speaking to a gaggle of reporters at the recent NATPE convention in Las Vegas, Zucker revealed that Leno’s new show may be the perfect show to first utilize the mobile channel to a “considerable extent.”

As a popular comedian famous for Jaywalking segments, it isn’t difficult to imagine the natural fit of mobile for Leno’s shtick. How it will all work (let alone turn out) is a mystery. But the point remains that NBC is leading the charge to make television viewing require a cell phone as much as it requires a remote control.

The advantages for the networks are obvious. With ad revenue down and more people using digital recording mechanisms to bypass commercial breaks, the mobile channel might be vital in securing new, effective, and lucrative advertising opportunities for networks that can’t afford to struggle indefinitely by sticking to an outdated model of commercial advertising.