Japanese Mobile Web Usage Growing Rapidly

Japanese mobile web usage has grown to outpace that of the United States.

It seems that when it comes to being connected on the go, the Japanese have quickly become a leader in that category.

According to the findings from a new study by comScore, a staggering three-quarters of all Japanese mobile subscribers accessed the mobile web, apps or other downloaded digital content during the month of June 2010.

By comparison in the US, only 43.7% of mobile users did the same – not even close, but still ahead of Europe’s 38.5%

Interestingly, Japanese mobile users also displayed “the strongest usage of both applications and browsers” with 59.3% of the entire mobile population accessing their browsers in June and 42.3% accessing applications. Once again, those figures outpace those found among mobile web users in the US. Only 34.0% of mobile users in the U.S. and 25.8% in Europe used their mobile browsers.

The United States, however, did place first when it comes to social networking. Social networking/blogs reached the greatest percentage of mobile users in the U.S. at 21.3%, followed by Japan at 17.0% and Europe at 14.7%.

But Japanese users were “most likely to capture photos (63.0%) and watch TV/video (22.0%) on their mobiles, while Europeans were most likely to listen to music (24.2%) and play games (24.1%).”