Jaguar Revs Up for New Mobile Effort

Jaguar is rolling out a new mobile marketing agenda to inspire drivers to buy a new Jag (as though a lack of mobile marketing and not the financial capital to do so is the real reason Jaguars aren’t skyrocketing in sales.)

Nonetheless, with targeted advertising, it is indeed possible that high-end individuals may take another look at the expensive car maker.

Interested potential buyers are asked o text a special short code, which will prompt a reply text offering all the news you can use on your local (or closest) Jaguar dealer.

Despite some minor financial troubles, BMW had substantial success in Germany with a recent mobile marketing campaign, the results of which were achieving a 30 percent conversion rate.

“Jaguar’s mobile marketing strategy includes individual WAP and iPhone sites for various nameplates, as well as WAP and iPhone-based [advertising] media-including rich media-driving traffic to the specific sites,” commented Paul Faletti, VP of marketing for Jaguar North America.