JAGTAG To Engage Moviegoers Nationwide With Interactive 2D Barcode Integration

Whether you love or hate the idea of 2D barcodes, JAGTAG is steadily making a case for mainstream success using the medium.  The company is integrating its technology left and right, and has now partnered with NCM Media Networks to offer cinema advertisers a new way to interact with movie audiences using mobile devices.

Using JAGTAG’s mobile 2D barcodes, the new NCM Interactive Network mobile advertising option can instantly turn cinema-based promotional platforms – such as box office handouts, posters, counter cards, drink cups, popcorn bags and other display materials – into interactive and measurable digital media. By using a mobile phone to snap a photo of an item with a JAGTAG and sending it via text or email to the address provided, consumers can instantly receive an advertiser’s videos, product information, music, mobile coupons and other engaging multimedia in return.

While many proprietary barcode solutions see little success, JAGTAG’s 2D barcode technology doesn’t require an application download and works instantly on all camera phones and carriers in the United States to reach more than 90 percent of mobile users.  Media companies and mobile marketing providers have quickly taken note, and the startup is growing like wildfire.  Movie theaters are an untapped resource for mobile advertising, and slapping 2D barcodes on physical items within theaters will probably prove very successful.

“We are always looking for new ways to create true 360-degree cinema advertising campaigns and help advertisers increase the effectiveness of their marketing programs in theaters,” said Cliff Marks, NCM Media Networks’ president of sales and marketing.  “JAGTAG’s unique way of immediately sharing compelling multimedia content with mobile users expands an advertisers’ ability to engage audiences before, during and after the movie.”