JagTag Partners With T-Mobile & Sprint, Now Available To 90% Of US Mobile Subscribers

JagTag Partners With T-Mobile & Sprint, Now Available To 90 Percent US Mobile SubscribersJagTag, a mobile barcode startup that’s gaining traction in the US, has announced that it’s added T-Mobile and Sprint to the list of wireless operators who carry its solution, meaning together with AT&T, Verizon and Alltell, it’s now available to nearly 90% of US wireless subscribers.

JagTag is making progress in its attempt to bring mobile barcodes, a technology that’s caught on in other parts of the world, but remains a novelty in the US, mainstream.  To do so, it’s eliminated most of the barriers keeping US consumers away from the concept- mainly device limitation by way of requiring a barcode reader, which JagTag doesn’t utilize.

JagTag requires no downloads or special mobile apps to read barcodes, instead it uses MMS, which is universally available to almost all wireless subscribers.  Though it takes more time to read a barcode, it eliminates several steps required for consumers to enjoy the interaction barcodes provide.  You simply snap a photo of the barcode, MMS it to JagTag, and you’re instantly returned results based on the data stored in the code.  All the “heavy-lifting,” so-to-speak is done server-side, making the consumer experience effortless.

The only problem with JagTag, as GoMoNews has pointed out, is that utilizing MMS can be a costly practice for some subscribers without the appropriate data and messaging plans.  SMS is bundled with almost every wireless plan, but MMS remains a “premium” service and can cost a subscriber up to $.20 and beyond per message.