Jagtag Extends Mobile Marketing Platform with QR Code Solution

Jagtag is receiving no shortage of praise this week for expanding its mobile marketing efforts through a new QR codes solution.

The well-known mobile marketing services provider and mainstay in mobile 2D barcode advertising is actively pushing “QR Codes Powered by Jagtag,” which enables all consumers, regardless of phone type, to receive multimedia content.

Until now, limited technologies have made QR codes accessible only to the small percentage of US consumers with an installed QR code-reading app on their smartphones. With Jagtag’s newest offering, the company says “90% of US-based users will be able to interact with QR codes and receive multimedia content, a scenario that greatly expands the reach of any campaign.”

Users with feature phones, who previously could not access QR code content, can now simply send in a picture of a Jagtag powered QR code to receive video, images, audio or text. This multimedia message is sent directly to the phone’s inbox, rather than as a link to the multimedia content.

According to Jagtag, the company’s “device detection technology” is capable of ensuring that users receive content optimized for their specific phone. Users, however, who already have an installed code-scanning application can still scan a Jagtag powered QR code to access multimedia content.

“We developed the Jagtag code in 2007 to address the lack of mass market devices able to install applications or access the mobile Web, and the limited phones available with quality cameras to make QR codes readable,” says Jagtag CEO Ed Jordan.

Jagtag works on all camera phones across all major wireless carriers in the United States and United Kingdom, without requiring users to download an application, the company says.