Jack-in-the-Box Sticks with MobileVerbs

MobileVerbs, a provider of on-demand Mobile Marketing solution, has launched mobile marketing program for one of the largest franchisee of Jack-in-the-Box restaurants. The restaurant guests can provide their feedback and redeem coupons by simply using their cell phones.

This isn’t necessarily anything new, but it speaks to the rapid (and difficult to keep pace with) expansion of mobile marketing’s utility in fast food. And, as we’re seeing, every franchise does a little something different.

For instance, at Jack-in-the-Box, restaurant guests follow “call to action” instructions on tabletents andsend a SMS message to the MobileVerbs service. The mobile service delivers a series of survey questions to guests’ cell phones. Once the guests complete the survey in couple of minutes, they are provided with a secure mobile coupon on their cell phones. The guests can redeem mobile coupons instantly at participating restaurant locations by showing a secure redemption code on their cell phones to the restaurant staff.

Although the powers that be at Jack-in-the-Box aren’t saying much about this recent endeavor, this isn’t the first time they’ve worked with MobileVerbs. So they must be seeing some results.

Along with many others, I’ll be interested to see what those results reveal.