Jack Daniel’s, JAGTAG Target Revelers

Drunk texting can be a good thing. At least, that’s what Jack Daniel Distillery hopes.

The purveyor of the Jack Daniel’s brand of whiskey has launched a mobile marketing campaign using 2D barcode service providers JAGTAG. “Back Jack” combines the aspects of different types of mobile marketing: It’s kind of game-like, in that there’s a bit of a plot. In a move sure to please parents, best practices practitioners, and those who uphold drinking laws, JAGTAG has age-verification technology that seems to improve on methods like the double opt-in process and parental credit-card verification. Updated data will available in real time. And mobile-specific video will help the ultimate strategy of engaging consumers.

The gist: The whiskey maker is petitioning for a national holiday based on the birthday of  Jack Daniel the man–and fans/drunks can sign the petition using their mobiles. Consumers/imbibers are encouraged to take photos with their camera phones of any Jack Daniel’s-branded JAGTAG barcode their bleary eyes can see. Then they will receive the official campaign video and see how many others, as of that moment, have signed the petition.

The mobile campaign will be part of a greater marketing strategy that includes a 10-city tour of a bus that will purportedly deliver the petition in person to the U.S. Congress. Personally, I think consumers will be plenty engaged with their mobile phones, and that the bus smacks of Girls Gone Wild or a Duffman stunt from The Simpsons. (After all, Jack is a tiny bit more sophisticated than PBR beer. Though not as sophisticated as Laphroaig single malt.)

But the people behind the campaign seem on the ball. “For our ‘Back Jack’ initiative, we wanted to engage fans nationwide to join our petition drive and add their signatures, and JAGTAG’s technology enabled us to reach the largest mobile audience possible. By using JAGTAG mobile 2D barcodes, we can share exclusive content with the right audiences,” Jennifer Powell, U.S. Brand Manager for Jack Daniel’s, said in a release.