IXACT Contact Rolls Out New Real Estate Mobile CRM App

keys-1317391_960_720With mobile technology and the real estate business now inextricably linked, the latest news to hit the wire comes as little surprise to us.

IXACT Contact announced Monday the release of a new Mobile CRM App for real estate agents.

The Mobile CRM app is available today in the App store and Google Play Store to customers for no extra fee. Now it’s easier than ever for real estate agents to get organized and keep in touch with prospects and past clients – from anywhere and using any device.

As realtors are widely known for their hectic schedules and spending many hours on the road, access to their real estate CRM is key to helping them stay organized and in control of their business. IXACT Contact drew on customer feedback and suggestions while developing the new real estate CRM App to ensure the final product meets the specific needs of real estate professionals, the company said in a provided announcement.

With IXACT Contact’s Mobile CRM, it’s easier than ever for REALTORS to keep in touch with their contacts. Agents can easily dial a phone number, or send an email or text message to a contact. Staying organized from on the road is more convenient than ever with the intuitive ‘Next Steps’ function that automatically prompts the real estate agent to make a note, task or appointment after a call, email, or text message is completed. Contacts can even be assigned to drip marketing campaigns and the Monthly e-Newsletter from the CRM App, ensuring that hot leads are being nurtured while the agent is away from the office.