iWatch what happens next

The remake of Total Recall illustrated an interesting concept for the future of communication technology.  People could embed electronic circuitry into their hands and use their palms as smartphones.  Insert your joke here about where they embedded fax machines.  The interesting and relevant cinematic device was the use of external glass surfaces as remote screens, engaged merely by touch.  Now it certainly looked cool and I’m sure we can all agree that at some point transparent substrates and circuitry may permit for clear screens but to me the impact of this idea is more immediate.

I often write about disruption and evolution of technology.  The iWatch is certainly one of the most anticipated new technologies, perhaps more so because of what it could be or become then what it is likely to initially arrive as.  Pebble is a great idea but much like the TI-99 in comparison to the iPad there is certainly a long way for it to go.

Imagine an iWatch that through Bluetooth, NFC or another next gen communication protocol could take over any compatible screen around you.  In the car, it could take over your ultra high res nav screen.  At home it could take over your iTV.  At the office it could take over your computer monitor.  Unlike Total Recall, you won’t need to touch a screen to engage and certainly won’t need a bottle of Windex at hand.   It’s been reported recently that Apple has applied for patents in the area of eye movement and detection.  As I mentioned in a previous article, I see this as core to the evolution of a next gen Google Glass like product.  Imagine if Apple integrates the iWatch with this technology.  Browse TV programming through eye movement on your iTV.  Navigate your computer screen or navigation unit by eye tracking.  Apple has already demonstrated their prowess in hardware and has the ability to disrupt all screen technology.  This cocktail of technologies can easily position the iWatch as the next flexible and wearable computing platform.  What do you think?