iVdopia’s Unique “Talk2Me” Social Media Ad Unit Outperforms Industry Average By 400%

iVdopia, the mobile advertising network with a focus on rich media and primarily mobile video, announced today that its innovative “Talk2Me” social media-based ad-units are outperforming industry benchmarks by over 400%.

The Talk2Me format is unique in that it enables advertisers to integrate social media sharing options into their mobile advertising strategy with pre-app video or banner ads, allowing users to further engage with the brand through multiple social media options, all from within a single ad unit.  The format was introduced earlier this year, and iVdopia has seen huge success with big-name leading brand advertisers on its network.

“Just this quarter alone, we have witnessed a double-digit increase in the adoption of the Talk2Me ad unit from our various advertiser clients,” said Chhavi Upadhyay, COO of iVdopia.  “As marketers move from standalone campaigns to 360 degree marketing, they demand that social media be integrated seamlessly into their brand campaign across channels — including mobile.  Brand messaging has moved from inside-out to outside-in, and Talk2Me fills this requirement with an engaging one-screen visual providing users with multiple options to share, interact and respond to the brand.”

As an example, the company detailed a recent campaign with the “world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants” who used the Talk2Me ad-unit to increase brand awareness and purchase intent for a new product launch.  Using a combination of pre-app video and banner “Talk2Me ads,” users could share videos on Facebook and Twitter, locate the nearest restaurant, visit the brand’s website and even replay the video ad.  Results for the mobile campaign reported that 73% of users clicked to visit the mobile site and over 16% clicked to share on Facebook.

The primary attribute of the mobile platform is its ability to engage users like never before, and advertisers (and networks) are beginning to put that attribute to work by way of innovative rich-media ad-units like Talk2Me and others from providers like Greystripe, Medialets and others.  Some case studies coming from these startups that detail the incredible response and success rates these campaigns garner are a testament to how effective mobile is as a marketing medium.