iVdopia Launches “Create Once, Run Anywhere” Mobile Video Advertising Solution

iVdopia Launches "Create Once, Run Anywhere" Mobile Video Advertising SolutionMobile video is beginning to become an important aspect to rich media mobile advertising, but the underlying technology has been limiting in terms of compatibility.

iVdopia, provider of a rich media mobile ad network based in India, has just launched a solution to eliminate these issues with its new HTML5-based video platform dubbed “V5.”  The new platform allows the ability to provide a unified video ad experience across all devices and Smartphones, regardless of whether they support Flash.  iVdopia claims its the first to offer a “create once, run anywhere” tool for mobile video advertising.

Supporting multiple user engaging features for brand advertisers, the V5 platform will incorporate the HTML5 ad creation capabilities of “Future5″ — iVdopia’s new ad authoring tool.  In addition, the company is set to launch innovative video ad units in partnership with leading advertisers and agencies.  “We’re offering a suite of solutions for advertisers with the V5,” commented Saurabh Bhatia, Chief Business Officer, iVdopia.  “Besides offering video as the most user-engaging ad unit to ever take over screens, the V5 is an OS agnostic solution — which is advantageous to advertisers who don’t want to be restricted to just one OS for serving such dynamic video ads.”

As the debate between Flash and HTML5 rages on, it’s hard to argue that creating video ad-units using Flash will be sustainable going forward.  HTML5-based development is picking up major steam as of late, and the cross-platform advantage makes it perfect for the future of rich-media mobile advertising.  iVdopia is smart to get their foot in the door early, even though all the major players will soon do the same.