It's Time for Marketers to Cross the Streams

It's Time for Marketers to Cross the StreamsIn Ghostbusters, it was a really bad idea to cross the streams. In marketing, it’s one of the best moves you can make. As a result, in-stream marketing is on fire today as more marketing tactics and strategies merge into our streams of social and media content.

According to what’s billed as a wide-ranging, data rich marketplace analytics report by AccuStream Research, in-stream and virtual video ad billings are forecast to log 24% growth in 2014, led by extensive monetization against broadcast and cable programmer inventory.

Supporting this growth will be a stable of multi-screen media executions, brand-direct spend, mobile, social, internet music radio and VOD avails.

“In-stream inventory allocated against premium content (and their syndication partners, including Hulu) increased 40% in 2013, to 1.75 impressions per video play and captured 50% of spend across this $3.2 billion patch of the marketplace,” the report summary reads.

The virtual video ad industry exhibited a CAGR of 54.2% over the past ten years.

“We currently estimate YouTube desktop insertion frequency (based on a rolling annual average) at 15%, with 55% skippable inventory,” the report authors explain. “YouTube mobile/tablet video shows an insertion frequency of 10.6%.”

Additionally, in-banner video inventory is currently forecast at 487.3 billion impressions delivered in 2014, up 17% over 2013, with $3.19 billion in billings.