It’s Nothing But Growth for Growmobile’s Mobile Marketing Solution

It's Nothing But Growth for Growmobile’s Mobile Marketing SolutionGrowmobile, Perion’s mobile marketing division, has some growth to boast about.

This week, the company announced the beta launch of its new engagement capabilities under a “rebranded look that reflects the division’s unified offering.”

Here’s what a provided statement to MMW tells us:

The new engagement offering will allow mobile marketers, specifically mobile CRM managers, to increase conversions and customer spend while reducing churn, using a single, streamlined platform. Marketers will be able to easily create and launch campaigns that are better tailored to each of their respective business objectives. Additionally, the platform will provide information on targeting the right segments and choosing which incentives and channels to use at the right times.

The bottom line is that the engagement capabilities add to Growmobile’s mobile user acquisition and social advertising platform.

“Because churn can be as big a challenge as acquiring users, we made it a priority to ensure that our clients have the ability to acquire as well as retain their users,” said Shai Gottesdiener, General Manager of Growmobile. “Now, in addition to enabling our clients to advertise on all major traffic sources, we will provide them with the tools to keep the users they’ve invested time and money to acquire.”