It’s Back to School for Mobile Marketing StudentsWant to go to school? For free?

If you want to learn about mobile marketing, now you can.

Swrve, a global powerhouse in mobile marketing automation, has started Swrve University, the first online training program designed to teach anyone how to become a successful mobile marketer. And it doesn’t cost a penny.

The vendor-neutral course is taught by a diverse group of mobile marketing experts from different companies and industries through a series of online webinars.

In fact, Swrve has been busy this week running the first of its sessions. Early sign-ups enjoyed “Mobile: At the Center of Your Marketing Strategy,” featuring mobile experts Steve Gershik (CMO, Swrve) and Jeff Hasen (noted mobile strategist, CMO and author of forthcoming book, The Art of Mobile Persuasion). The webinar covered the state of the mobile landscape and the techniques for succeeding in this arena. Session two focused on “Mobile Relationships: How to Build Them and Why They Matter,” with Forrester’s principal analyst and author of The Mobile Mind Shift Julie Ask.

Marketers are encouraged to interact live in subsequent webinars.

According to a provided statement: “Future Swrve University classes will be announced over the coming weeks and prospective attendees are encouraged to submit topics and challenges that interest them by emailing”

“CMOs today know a mobile strategy is vital, but many simply don’t have the time, knowledge or the properly trained staff to be successful,” said Steve Gershik, CMO of Swrve. “Swrve University has assembled the brightest mobile marketing faculty from different companies, and our program is designed to teach anyone how to become one of the world’s greatest mobile marketers and harness the full power of reaching customers on their portable devices.”

It’s school — and the best kind — because there are no student loans required whatsoever.