It’s All About “Phind”ing The Right Mobile Marketing Service

phindme_logooct07.gifWith a renewed commitment to providing affordable and innovative mobile-marketing solutions to small business owners, PhindMe has recently announced the launch of its new, low-cost mobile-marketing service, which is touted as a means for mom and pop shops to stiffen the competition against national chains and other big box stores.

According to their official press release, PhindMe has developed an Internet-based platform so that local businesses can “improve consumer discovery, loyalty, and community.”

“PhindMe’s goal is to support small and mid-sized businesses by improving how they reach and directly interact with consumers to drive revenues,” said Chuck Sacco, co-founder and CEO of PhindMe. “PhindMe is here to help the local business person better compete against national brands which are already deploying mobile-marketing to get and retain more customers.”

Interestingly, PhindMe formed in 2006 initially as a Drexel MBA project focused on exploring wireless technology and its potential. In the process, the four “passionate” individuals behind the project discovered their own potential and flourishing genius for all things related to mobile marketing.

Born of their original vision, PhindMe’s new platform makes mobile-marketing more cost-effective and efficient than the alternative more “traditional advertising methods” like television, radio, or print media. The features attributed to PhindMe’s service include a content management system that uniquely formats business information for any PC or mobile phone, a virtual marketing system enabling businesses to reach out directly to consumers through text messaging, and a “mobile commerce solution” that helps businesses increase revenue and reduce transaction costs. Most conveniently perhaps, all features are accessible through a simple online tool available through their website, located at