It’s a Daily Download Bonanza at the Ovi Store

It's a Daily Download Bonanza at the Ovi StoreLess than twelve months into its existence, the Ovi Store is now logging 1.7M downloads per day. And from the sound of it, Nokia is happy. Very happy.

Addressing shareholders this week, Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo spoke of the company’s foundation for future growth.

“By combining services with devices, Nokia is in a stronger position to grow and create more value for our shareholders,” Kallasvuo said. “We still have plenty of work to do, but we have built a solid foundation. We believe in our strategy.”

At present, there are localized versions of the Ovi Store (supporting nearly three dozen different languages) in eighteen countries. Even more notably, however, the handset manufacturer’s popular Ovi Maps service has proven enormously successful and logged some 10 million downloads in only five months across better than seventy nations around the world.

On Thursday, Kallasvuo also pointed out that nearly 83 million people are already registered active users of Nokia services, which increasingly are included with the purchase of a Nokia mobile device.

“Our approach has been to concentrate on fewer, competitive products that bring the features of Symbian-based smartphones to more and more people around the world. And we are well on our way to doing that,” Kallasvuo said.