ITC Postpones Ruling on Possible Samsung Product Ban

ITC Postpones Ruling on Possible Samsung Product BanThe U.S. international Trade Commission has filed an extension for its looming decision on whether Samsung actually infringed on several key Apple patents.

Depending on the outcome, a sales ban of certain products made by Samsung could be put into effect.

While the ITC didn’t offer an explanation for the extension it’s seeking, the decision was widely expected to come today.

We are now told that a final ruling will be delivered on August 9.

Ironically, the new date falls on the same day that Apple and Samsung are scheduled to begin arguments related to the massive Apple vs. Samsung trial that found Samsung in violation of a several Apple’s patents.

“Technology companies have increasingly turned to the ITC to settle their disputes,” explains Josh Lowensohn of CNET. “Companies can pursue an ITC case in parallel with civil lawsuits, and the threat of an embargo on products typically forces them to settle more quickly. Apple and Samsung have already held such talks, though haven’t come to a deal that would end litigation and likely result in a broad cross-licensing patent deal.”