It ‘May’ Get Ugly as RIM Challenges Google For Developer Attention

Google is, unquestionably, a powerful entity in the world of mobile. Research in Motion, makers of the embattled BlackBerry smartphone, isn’t quite as influential these days. But RIM has no shortage of confidence at the onset of 2013. That much is clear based on RIM’s decision to challenge Google for developer’s attention.

This May, RIM will kick off its annual developer’s conference the same week that the internet search engine holds Google I/O, which is Google’s annual developer’s conference.

I/O, which is generally the place where big announcements are made, will be in direct competition with the freshly branded RIM developer conference that is now called “BlackBerry Live.”

“Strategic maneuver? Maybe. Smart? It could be,” says Quentyn Kennemer of Phandroid. “It could also backfire miserably.

RIM is being challenged to wow and shock the world with its latest wares as it finally looks to catch up to the rest of the OS makers in terms of innovation this year. Beating Google to the punch on exciting announcements for the future might have a positive effect, but if RIM heads to Orlando with a lackluster showing and Google happens to impress the world just one day later then it will all have been for absolutely nothing.

Do you think RIM is making a wise move in challenging Google for attention during I/O this May?