issuu Aims to Help Publishers Monetize and Build Businesses

issuu, a modern media company focused on helping brands publish digital publications, announced this week at their first-ever Generators Summit the launch of Digital Sales.

With Digital Sales, issuu facilitates a marketplace for publishers to sell their premium digital content through issuu, in partnership with Stripe, enabling publishers to monetize their businesses and thrive.

Digital Sales opens a new and innovative channel for publishers by giving them complete control of determining the right business model for their audience and business – from setting and adjusting pricing, providing access to specific content, single publications or offering a subscription model. Brands and creators no longer need to rely on an arbitrary payment system, which in many cases may be based on poorly understood views or likes.

“Creativity is the antidote for fear and anger on this planet. At issuu, we believe in supporting creators and helping them build business models so they can grow and thrive – it’s time for the era of the ‘starving artist’ to come to an end,” said Joe Hyrkin, CEO of issuu. “Digital Sales offers a real business model for publishers to build businesses around their content in ways they haven’t been able to before on issuu by adding a dependable revenue stream.”

“Stripe Connect underpins the Digital Sales marketplace, streamlining payments for publishers and creators,” adds Cristina Cordova, head of partnerships at Stripe. “We’re proud to partner with issuu to create new revenue streams for publishers in the internet economy.”