Isis Launches Another Platform to Support Mobile Commerce

Isis Launches Another Platform to Support Mobile CommerceIsis – the mobile commerce venture created by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless – shared with MMW today details of its new Isis Alliance Program.

The Isis Alliance Program was created to support the merchant technology ecosystem with tools and resources to capitalize on the opportunities created by mobile commerce.

The Isis Alliance Program news comes days after the nationwide launch of the Isis Mobile Wallet, a free app that operates on the existing payments infrastructure and allows consumers to make payments and redeem coupons from their smartphones.

“We created the Isis Alliance Program to serve as a resource where companies looking to deploy mobile commerce solutions have access to tools and information,” said Jim Stapleton, chief sales officer at Isis. “The Isis Alliance Program will help companies harness the competitive advantages created by mobile commerce and better serve merchant customer needs.”

We’re told that the Isis Mobile Commerce Platform offers merchants the ability to deliver “a richer, more personalized relationship with their customers through the Isis Mobile Wallet,” as it leverages the existing payments infrastructure.

“Merchants depend on the retail technology industry to deliver the latest, most innovative technologies to grow their businesses,” adds Joseph Finizio, president and CEO of the Retail Solutions Providers Association. “We’re pleased to support the Isis Alliance Program and believe the critical tools it delivers will help retail technology providers future-proof their offerings and advance the solutions hitting the marketplace.”

To learn more, check out the Isis Alliance Program here.