ISF Launches Threat Horizon 2016

ISF Launches Threat Horizon 2016On Thursday, the Information Security Forum (ISF), a leading global authority on cyber security and information risk management, announced the availability of Threat Horizon 2016.

This particular offering is the latest in a series of the organization’s Threat Horizon reports.

According to the ISF, revelations in 2013 that governments and their agencies have been spying on citizens in the name of national security have seriously undermined a core tenet of operating in cyberspace – trust.

“Primary analysis of data gathered for Threat Horizon 2016 resulted in an overarching theme of trust that increasingly concerns our member companies,” says Steve Durbin, Global Vice President of ISF.  “Disintegration of trust will result in organizations no longer being able to take for granted that governments will look out for citizens’ best interests, that security solutions will deliver what is promised, and that their people will help navigate a way through.”

“Threat Horizon 2014 highlighted that the cyber arms race would lead to a cold war. Rather than cold, this ‘war’ has turned hot with more governments developing offensive cyber capabilities. Threat Horizon 2015 predicted that governments and regulators will demand more of organizations in preparing for cyber threats, yet will offer little direct guidance,” adds Durbin. “In this year’s report, we have determined that government activities will further complicate the way organizations operate in cyberspace. We anticipate that the threat landscape will continue to widen and organizations must prepare to work in this new normal – now.”

The report in question is available for purchase now from the ISF website.