Is Your Wrist Ready for Advertising?

Is Your Wrist Ready for AdvertisingIs your wrist ready for advertising? The team at PubNative certainly thinks so.

This week, the company — a mobile publisher platform that serves scalable and flexible native ads via API for apps and mobile web — announced the launch of full support for native ads displayed on the Apple Watch.

With PubNative’s technology, publishers can integrate custom ad formats specifically tailored to the user experience of their app on the Apple Watch, while brand advertisers such as ING-DiBa, a Frankfurt-based bank, are benefitting from customized native integrations on premium inventory.

So will Apple Watch owners embrace ads on their smartwatch?

For now, PubNative is focusing on the brand experience.

“The Apple Watch represents an unprecedented opportunity for brands as an unparalleled platform for user engagement,” said Ionut Ciobotaru, PubNative’s Co-Founder and Managing Director. “However, the amount of real estate available on the device is smaller than on a mobile screen, which can easily cause a disrupted experience. For this reason, native ads are the most, if not the only, suitable advertising option on the Apple Watch.”