Is Your Mobile Device Poised to Become Your Personal Shopper?

Is Your Mobile Device Poised to Become Your Personal ShopperOnline marketing has long targeted shoppers by their web browsing habits, but when combined with mobile’s ability to track consumer location, and in some cases consumer shopping habits, marketers gain the ability to hyper target customers via their smartphones and tablets.

When considering what the future of mobile may bring, the likelihood of your mobile device becoming your personal shopper and directing you to products, brands, and services that you want and need, is becoming more of a reality.

Marketers will be able to guide shoppers toward new products and services in response to their ability to track previous shopping history and patterns. From there, recommending products and services from the retailers and businesses frequented becomes a relative breeze.

“Companies like PayPal and shopkick use Bluetooth-enabled beacons to tie a user’s in-store location data to mobile marketing,” PaymentsSource reports. “Beacon hardware manufacturer Roximity is developing marketing technology that leverages beacons. A grocery store using Roximity’s technology could allow a third-party manufacturer, such as Hershey, to utilize its beacon network for a holiday promotion.”

In an effort to fine-tune and cultivate location-based technologies, a multitude of startups have opened their doors, each of which is taking a unique approach to how mobile can be utilized to find customers for your business, as opposed to helping customers find your business.