Is Virtual Reality the Future of Marketing?

Is Virtual Reality the Future of MarketingThis week, the team at VRjournal produced an interesting report that delves into the important role that virtual reality is beginning to play in the world of marketing.

The spotlight example comes from Nike, which used virtual reality in its newest marketing video.

“Nike is promoting its new soccer cleats — and to really up the ante, it made a virtual reality video of Brazilian soccer phenom Neymar scoring a goal for the national team,” says report author Julia Carter.

Now that companies like Google and GoPro are laying the foundation for these types of videos to enter the mainstream, it’s going to catch fire. In fact, Google said at its developer conference in May that “anyone shooting 360-degree video can upload it directly to YouTube, using its stitching system, Jump.”

“One thing’s for sure,” Carter concludes, “marketing and advertising are going to become a lot less dull. Virtual reality opens up so many “you are there” experiences that people might actually seek out ads.

To learn more, check out the Nike video in question at VRjournal here.