Is TV Ad Spend Working? NinthDecimal and TiVo Research Team Up to Tackle That Question

Is TV Ad Spend Working NinthDecimal and TiVo Research Team Up to Tackle That QuestionA new measurement idea could provide marketers with some idea if their ad spend on TV is having the desired effects.

That’s because NinthDecimal, a leading mobile audience intelligence company, just announced the launch of LCI TV.

The company is teaming up with TiVo Research, a subsidiary of TiVo Inc. to integrate TiVo Research’s TV viewership data and NinthDecimal’s mobile audience intelligence and location data.

This partner solution could determine “whether exposure to a TV commercial correlates to incremental foot traffic to a brand’s physical location, such as a retail outlet, QSR, auto dealership, or movie theatre, and if exposure drives physical-world conversions,” according to a provided statement.

The hope is that this data will provide greater insight into what aspects of a campaign can drive greater ROI by examining measurements across networks, dayparts, programs, creative executions, and audience segments.

“We are very excited to partner with NinthDecimal for the launch of LCI TV,” said Frank Foster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of TiVo Research. “Digital media has the benefit of census data and post-click attribution, but television still lacks the mechanisms to precisely measure the impact of advertising on perception and behavior.”

The partnership could help.

“Through this integration, we are able to draw a direct line from television exposure to foot traffic and physical-world conversions, enabling companies to more precisely measure the effectiveness of their ad spend,” Foster said.