Is Tizen OS a Credible Threat to Android, iOS Dominance?

Tizen OS a Credible Threat to Android, iOS DominanceAlthough the mobile world is largely dominated by just two mobile operating systems today, a third credible force may be on the way.

For now, iOS and Android have little to fear. But that could change if the co-CEO of Samsung’s prediction proves accurate.

As it turns out, Samsung now sees its own custom Tizen operating system as a viable alternative to iOS and Android. So could this new mobile OS ultimately power Samsung’s future flagship smartphones?

Samsung certainly isn’t ruling it out.

Co-CEO J.K. Shin says Tizen is more than a “simple alternative for Android.” The executive thinks that adopting Tizen would enable Samsung to offer customers “cross-convergence” between various products – smartphones, PCs, cameras, cars, biotechnology, banks, etc.

The possibilities, Shin speculates, are endless.

Tizen is part of the Linux Foundation and is governed by a technical steering group composed of Samsung and Intel.

As of this writing, Tizen supports ARM and x86 processors and is particularly designed for smartphones, tablets, in-vehicle navigation systems, television sets and more.

So… will Tizen be the future of all things mobile? It looks like Samsung wants to find out.