Is This The iPad Mini 2?

Is this is our first glimpse of the iPad mini 2 with Retina display?

That’s what we’re told. Of course, legitimate image leaks from the Asian Apple supply chain are difficult to identify.

Regardless of whether these are authentic images or not, everyone across the tech blogosphere is buzzing about their arrival on a Chinese Internet forum.

Having first appeared on Weiphone, Business Insider confirms, we are told that the pics showcase the rear casing of the iPad mini 2.

The images show a device with a similar design as the current iPad Mini, but a little thicker, presumably to make room for a larger battery to power a high-resolution Retina display.

Although it’s highly questionable that Apple would want to make the iPad mini 2 thicker for the sake of accommodating the improved display, it may be a necessary requirement to deliver the dramatically improved Retina experience.

Industry analysts believe that Apple will likely release the iPad mini 2 sometime this spring.