Is This Our First Look at What's Next for Apple?

Is This Our First Look at What's Next for AppleThe clock may be slowly counting down until Apple’s June presentation of WWDC 2014, but we may have already scored our first look at the forthcoming major update to iOS.

According to published reports ahead of the weekend, Apple is now “aggressively testing” iOS 8.

Corresponding with traffic log data, BGR shared a supposedly leaked image leak on Friday that purportedly depicts the new operating system on a larger iPhone 6 display.

While it’s not clear whether the image is genuine, or how the leaker obtained a copy of iOS 8, other sites have reported steady iOS 8 sightings in website analytics, suggesting that Apple is already testing iOS 8 ahead of WWDC.

“In addition to old default iOS application, these pictures show some of the new iOS applications tipped to arrive with iOS 8, including Watch Utility, Healthbook, TextEdit, Preview, Tips and a stand-alone iTunes Radio application,” BGR reports.