Is There a Catch with Catchwind?

Catchwind LLC, a mobile marketing platform provider, is launching a “white label platform” solution for mobile marketers.

It’s a fancy title, but the jury is still out on whether this is really anything special… or new.

The technology system developed by Catchwind enables marketers to “offer a broad range of mobile solutions including message campaigns, surveys, voting, contests and special features such as mobile scavenger hunts, mobile coupons and data collection.” Catchwind’s Mobile PLUS (Private Label Utilization Solution) program went live in early November.

“We’re providing savvy marketers with the complete toolkit they need to provide their own branded mobile solution to their clients,” said Brian Hemesath, CEO. “Mobile is hot right now, and our Mobile PLUS program not only shortens the learning curve significantly, it allows a brand or agency to completely manage their own short code without an ounce of technology development.”

Here’s the catch for Catchwind.

Catchwind Mobile PLUS clients need to have, or plan to acquire, at least one short code (the five- or six-digit mobile number for messaging). They can run multiple platforms on their unique short codes and provide either a full-marketing solution where they create and execute mobile campaigns on behalf of clients or they can resell a client-enabled solution with full or limited functionality.

In addition to licensing the technology, Catchwind helps procure short codes, provides system training and pools and shares best practices for success with mobile marketing activities and campaigns.

“Mobile PLUS marketers are front-line firms and agencies who are placing their brand and identity on the system’s dashboard and making it their own. At the same time, they have access to all the Catchwind functionality and features as well as improvements and updates as they occur,” said Jamie Buelt, vice president of marketing. “Mobile PLUS marketers will also help us keep tabs on the evolving uses and demands in the market, to help keep our platform fresh and market responsive.”

Catchwind’s mobile technology has multiple layers and features that can be turned off and on depending on a client’s needs, uses and sophistication. Mobile PLUS operators can run multiple platforms reflecting a broad client base or be focused vertically to serve a large national brand with multiple campaigns and locations. Typically, these marketers are sending and receiving large numbers of messages, and Catchwind provides volume pricing to maximize potential and value.

Anyone with personal experience with the “white label platform” is encouraged by your friends here at Mobile Marketing Watch to share your thoughts with us.