Is Text Messaging the Key to mCommerce?

Is Text Messaging the Key to mCommerceeCommerce is undoubtedly a driving force in the world of retail and business, and many believe that mCommerce will slowly but surely capture a larger portion of all online shopping, but retailers are still searching for the best way to encourage mobile commerce.

Currently, approximately 23% of smartphone owners make at least one mobile purchase per month. This could be anything from pre-ordering morning coffee or lunch, buying through a well-recognized ecommerce app such as iTunes or Amazon, or sending an e-gift to a friend.

While 23% is not bad, it is still fairly low, leaving retailers looking for more ways to encourage mobile shopping. Consequently, many are turning to SMS to get the job done.

“As mobile shopping grows, brands are now rethinking the way in which they communicate with customers and how they can get personal,” says marketing expert Ben Trebilcock in a Business2Community post. “An increasing number of online stores have started using SMS with the aim of driving customer engagement.”

Internet enabled smartphones have unleashed a whole new world of possibilities with SMS – including simple elements like URL links make the possibilities endless. Just as email systems have developed to deliver more personal customer experiences, so has SMS. Information like order totals, even order discount, can be automatically included in order notification messages.

“But it is important not to get lost in the depths of the SMS technology – the bottom line is that message tone has become equally as important as message content,” he adds.

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