Is Google Searching for the Next Big Thing?

Is Google Searching for the Next Big ThingIt was big news on Tuesday when word of Google’s latest effort was confirmed.

Of course, Google never actually said a word. But their silence spoke volumes. According to VRJournal, Google is quietly forming a new division that will focus exclusively on virtual reality.

News came Tuesday that the Internet search giant is poised to make VR  a higher priority in this new year through the establishment of a business unit that will ostensibly be used to dream up and, perhaps cook up, offerings to compete with those being introduced by several of the company’s chief tech rivals.

“CEO Sundar Pichai has appointed one of his deputies, Clay Bavor, to run the division,” USA Today similarly reported. But that’s just about all that is confirmed at this point.

For now, Google is remaining eerily silent on its plans. But sources close to the Internet search giant say that the company blieve virtual reality is truly the next big thing and they want a bigger piece of the forthcoming action.