Is FaceTime With Your Pets The Next Big Thing in Mobile?

Is FaceTime With Your Pets The Next Big Thing in MobileLast year the remote treat dispenser PetziConnect introduced the idea of providing treats to your dog while you are at the office, or on vacation, as well as giving you the ability to talk to your pet through a device mounted to the wall. However, a new invention called the iCPooch created by 14 year old Brooke Martin takes this idea one step further.

iCPooch is a remote treat dispenser that allows pet owners to communicate with their pets via FaceTime from a smartphone connected to a treat dispenser that sits on the ground. Brooke came up with this idea when her dog was suffering from separation anxiety. The device allows your pet to see your face and hear your voice on FaceTime, then you can dispense a treat remotely so your pet knows you are thinking of them.

This invention is still only a prototype, and Brooke and her father who is the COO of the company, have a $20,000 Kickstarter campaign underway to launch iCPooch into production. Their primary goal is to allow pet owners to utilize their iDevices to communicate with pets on FaceTime.

While designed for dogs, iCPooch will likely be used as a remote treat dispenser and communication device for cat owners too.

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