Is Driving with Google Glass Against The Law?

Is Driving with Google Glass Against The LawIt’s a new question for new times.

According to CNBC, a California woman is the first person to receive a traffic citation for wearing Google Glass while behind the wheel.

With Google’s computer-in-an-eyeglass expected to launch next year, this could be a scenario that plays out again and again in the headlines, but only if wearable technology is more widely deemed to be responsible for encouraging distracted driving.

With wearable technology hitting the mainstream, it’s never been more apparent how laws lag well behind technological advancements. Consequently, the driver behind this latest controversy pleaded not guilty in San Diego traffic court.

It should be noted, however, that Google’s website advises caution with regard to wearing the headgear while driving.

“Read up and follow the law,” the tech giant warns. “Above all, even when you’re following the law, don’t hurt yourself or others by failing to pay attention to the road.”

Unfortunately, the law doesn’t reflect the times. And for now, it’s entirely unclear whether driving with Google Glass is actually against the law.