Is Apple Getting Into The Stylus Business?

Apple has designs on a new stylus that could change the way users engage with iOS devices.

According to a new report from Apple Insider, Apple is working on a new optical stylus and a handheld pointer with haptic feedback.

“One embodiment of a haptic input device may include a receiver configured to receive a signal from a touch-based user interface device,” the application reads.

The signal may include a control signal or a look-up value. The haptic input device may also include a decoder coupled to the receiver and configured to decode the signal from the touch-based user interface device, at least one sensor configured to determine at least one characteristic of the haptic input device, a controller coupled to the one or more sensors and configured to transmit a control signal, a haptic actuator coupled to the controller, and a transmitter coupled to the at least one sensor.

“An input device capable of generating haptic feedback may help a user navigate content displayed on the screen, and may further serve to enhance the content of various applications by creating a more appealing and realistic user interface,” the filing summarizes.

Although Apple has typically avoided traditional styluses in the past, a growing segment of iOS device users have been demanding a more traditional accessory such as a stylus.

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