Is 2008 Going To Be The Mobile Year?

RCR Wireless Stock IndexI exchanged emails today yesterday with Giff Gfroerer. Giff is the President at i2SMS, he’s a smart guy who really understands the mobile industry.

Giff pointed out, and I’m paraphrasing… that Mitsubishi was exiting the handset market and wondered if companies were exiting because more time was necessary to achieve profitability.

It’s an interesting comment because nearly everyone is thinking that 2008 is the year mobile will take off. It’s unanimous right; mobile is getting hyped pretty hard right now isn’t it? Meanwhile, we are seeing trouble spots or companies getting out like Motorola, Sprint, Sanyo and Helio.

RCR Wireless News, great site by the way, I’m a subscriber… publishes a Wireless Stock Index. Take a look at the performance, the index had been on a two year climb up until about 6 Months ago, that’s when the decline started.

Perhaps what we are seeing is 2008 being the final groundwork year and 2009 might be bringing the thunder. What’s your take?