ironSource Touts AR Ads for Mobile AAA Games

AR is everywhere. And today, it’s even more “everywhere” than before.

Ahead of the weekend, leading mobile monetization and marketing company ironSource announced the launch of the world’s first AR ads for games.

In development while ARKit was still in beta, these ads will now be available on hundreds of millions of smartphones worldwide, after Apple’s release of ARKit, and Google’s launch of ARCore bring AR capabilities to the mainstream, a company release explains.

The ads are designed and produced entirely in-house by ironSource’s Playworks Studio, a division in the company wholly dedicated to using game design and performance expertise to innovate around ad creatives.

“For mobile AAA games which are often 3D and filled with special effects, AR ads finally offer a format that can evoke the true nature and experience of the game in an ad experience. Couple that with the large scale supply enabled by our direct relationships with thousands of game publishers using our ad network, and the potential opportunity for massive game advertisers is huge,” said Dan Greenberg, Chief Design Officer at ironSource. “Ultimately, amazing creative experiences are not enough to guarantee campaign results. You need to be able to access large volumes of relevant users, and to live close enough to the data to iterate and optimize. As the first ad network offering AR ads, that’s something we’re able to offer mobile AAA games looking to grow their market share by leveraging this new format.”

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