ironSource Launches Industry-First Ad LTV Prediction Tool

Leading mobile monetization and marketing company ironSource has just announced the launch of Ad LTV Prediction, a feature which enables developers to quantify the ad-based revenue generated by their users.

The feature is available to developers using ironSource’s leading mobile ad mediation platform, and provides ad LTV metrics across a range of user segments, from daily active users (DAUs), to engaged users and regular users.

“Only a tiny fraction of users make IAPs, meaning that the majority of developers today rely on ad-based monetization as their primary source of revenue,” said Tal Shoham, VP International Business Development, Developer Solutions at ironSource. “Yet until now there has been no way for them to identify and quantify the revenue they are generating solely from ads. Without proper measurement that is real-time and reflects dynamic app changes, developers who rely on ad-based revenue will be fundamentally handicapped, and that’s what our tool is designed to change.”

With the industry’s largest in-app video SSP, ironSource is able to draw from 8B impressions a month, and data from 20+ integrated partner networks to automatically analyze and process global eCPM data per user cohort, country and network. This saves developers hours of manual calculation, enabling them to make better informed, strategic decisions about monetization and marketing in near real-time.

“Our position as a mediation technology provider gives us a unique, bird’s eye view of ad data as it breaks down across all the major networks in the industry,” continued Shoham. “Predicting ad-based LTV would normally mean access to an enormous amount of data, hours of manual work and ultimately a lot of guesswork. This tool is a game changer for both app monetization and marketing, eliminating all that work and connecting both sides of the business to allow developers to stay focused on creating great apps.”

To learn more, check out ironSource here.