Iron Horse Interactive Debuts Updated Mobile Buying Guide App, Claims 50 Percent Engagement & 6 Percent Conversion Rates

Iron Horse Interactive, a Silicon Valley-based multi-channel marketing company, has debuted updated version of its “Mobile Buying Guide” and “Showcase” applications which provide product-finder and recommendations on various mobile solutions.  In addition, the company is claiming impressive engagement and conversion rates on the solutions the apps help promote.

Prior to its public release, the updated IHI Buying Guide was deployed with select national retail clients, and proved to be a success across both Online and mobile channels with the company saying in a press release that conversion rates across mobile alone reached over 10% on average.  In addition, engagement rates across more than 50,000 users who visited IHI applications at a retail e-commerce site over the past few months were over 50% on average — significantly higher than the industry standard, according to the company.

Some new and updated features of the Mobile Buying Guide 2.1 solution include:

  • QR code compatibility; and mobile product and price alerts which enables users to set up specific reminders on their mobile device any time the price drops to a certain price point.  Another key feature is seamless SMS integration for key social actions.  Users can now share, ask friends and get price alerts via SMS.
  • Facebook Sharing Functionality on the Web and Mobile.
  • Price Alerts and Product Specs: the IHI Buying Guide 2.1 contains a much more detailed list of product specs, and provides users with the flexibility of refining and organizing searches on certain products in a much more comprehensive manner.  Additionally, the new platform enables users to set real-time pricing alerts so they can be notified via their choice of mobile, social media or email whenever a certain product reaches a price point that they are interested in.