iPhone Users Most Willing to Purchase Content

iPhone users may frequently complain about how much they have to pay for the digital content they want, but it seems they’re still willing to pay up for it – much more so than owners of other smartphones, especially when it comes to television, film, and general entertainment content.

According to the annual Olswang Convergence Survey conducted by market research firm YouGov, the 1,013 adults and 536 13-17 year-olds surveyed in the UK exhibited a striking propensity toward a broad range of services on their iPhone, particularly on-demand television.

Most interestingly, iPhone users also demonstrated a greater willingness to use micropayments and premium subscriptions to pay for access to their preferred content.

The survey indicates that movies represent the content consumers show the greatest interest in purchasing. 58% of adults surveyed admitted being willing to pay for online or mobile access to a film freshly released in theaters. 52% expressed willingness to pay for access to a film that won’t be released on DVD for at least two months. And 40% would be agreeable to paying for access to a film already on DVD or pay-per-view.

“Having discovered the habit and simplicity of paying for apps and other services on the iPhone, it would seem that iPhone owners are also more willing to pay for content of many types than the general online population,” says Olswang partner Matthew Phillips. “To maximize their revenue opportunities in the digital environment, companies need to build payment solutions into consumer propositions on other platforms that are as easy to use as that on the iPhone.”