iPhone: Secret Weapon In More Than One Way

Fox News, the voice of the U.S. political right, would of course know how the iPhone can become a sniper’s must-have.

Today, the news organization reported on something called Bulletflight, which tells users just where to position a target on their sniper scopes. It calculates variables such as wind speed, distance, temperature, and altitude, and works on three types of rifles sold by Knight’s Armament Company.

What’s really interesting, though, is that there already is another iPhone sniper app, called iSnipe. The iSnipe isn’t manufacturer-specific and sells for $4.99, as opposed to the Bulletflight’s $11.99 retail price. Both, happily, can be purchased over iTunes.

Wonder what Apple CEO Steve Jobs, a professed Buddhist, thinks how this jibes with Buddhism’s pacifist dogma. Then again, the religion probably frowns upon people screwing over their business partners, too.