iPhone SDK A Dream For Mobile Advertisers

The iPhone has undeniably changed the mobile marketing landscape, and for good reason. It was reported that iPhone customers are 12 times as likely as others to use their device for mobile video and mobile TV, as well as basic internet usage overall. With more and more Apple-inspired cell phones from LG, Samsung and others that mimic iPhone attributes like the touch screen and user interaction, it’s become a dream for mobile advertisers.

With the release of the upcoming SDK and the access for third-party developers to market their wares via the ever-popular iTunes interface, advertisers and brands alike will be chomping at the bit to use the “it-factor” of the iPhone to boost brand awareness.

Beyond building simple “iPhone-versions” of websites and WAP sites that brands have already been using since the launch of the iPhone, the SDK will allow for the development of custom widgets, games, and other software platforms that will use the features of the iphone as a ladder to concrete brand awareness.

Just this month, Intuit unveiled an iPhone-specific version of it’s popular Quicken Online mobile software to be available via the new iStore, as well as new games from the likes of Sega, EA, and Namco. It should be interesting to see how creative brands will get, and which apps will stand out from the rest.