iPhone Leads Consumer Preference Among Leading Digital Cameras

Apple’s iPhone is not only a dominant beast of the smartphone variety, it’s also a leading choice for consumers in the market for a new digital camera.

According to the latest statistics from photo sharing service Flickr, the iPhone’s camera is of such quality that many owners view their touchscreen Apple handset as their primary digital camera.

Incredibly, consumers are picking Apple’s iPhone over the likes of products made by Cannon and Nikon, two of the top names in all of digital photography.

That’s right. The iPhone 4 tops Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Nikon D90, Canon EOS REBEL T2i, and Canon EOS 7D. And we’re only talking about the iPhone 4, not the iPhone 4S, which delivers an even more impressive 8MP camera with all-new optics capable of shooting 1080p HD video.

Nonetheless, the iPhone 4 is the most popular and widely used camera on Flickr today, with well over 51 million registered users.