iPhone 6 Sales May Dwarf Record Success of iPhone 5s

iPhone 6 Sales May Dwarf Record Success of iPhone 5sIf you think Apple had a monster success on its hands with its current generation flagship smartphone (the iPhone 5s), just wait until the iPhone 6 enters the picture later this year.

On Monday, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty made a bold prediction about the sales potential of iPhone 6.

Based on insight gleaned from recent visits with component manufacturing companies working with Apple, Apple’s iPhone 6 could dramatically outsell the iPhone 5s. And China is one of the main reasons for this estimate.

Apple’s iPhone is surging today across Asia. And emerging market interest there and elsewhere could result in the iPhone 6 seeing 20 percent more sales than the iPhone 5s has enjoyed to date.

“The April survey indicated that Apple could gain 11 points of share with a larger-screen iPhone,” Huberty says. “In addition, iPhone’s refresh cycle could shorten and boost shipments in the next product cycle as iPhone buyers plan to buy/upgrade sooner than we previously thought and an increasing portion of postpaid subscribers in the US have already switched to installment plans, or plan to do so.”