iPhone 5S Delivery Delays Already Beginning

iPhone 5S Delivery Delays Already BeginningApple’s new flagship iPhone 5S hasn’t even launched in the U.S. yet, but delivery delays are already being reported around the world.

Resulting from crushing demand and abnormally constrained product supplies, some iPhone 5S deliveries are now projected to take place in October for an untold number of buyers in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

With the iPhone 5S now officially on sale in these markets, online orders are already generating shipping notifications that put deliveries into early October.
Unlike the iPhone 5C, which ships in as few as three days in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Apple’s iPhone 5S may take closer to two weeks.

Shipping delays are expected to continue in these markets for the near future.

Although the iPhone 5S is poised to be a juggernaut sales success around he world, prospective buyers may find that getting their hands on the new Apple smartphone will be far more challenging this time around than it has ever been before.