iPhone 5C May Finally Claim The Chinese Market for Apple

iPhone 5C May Finally Claim The Chinese Market for AppleWith analysts expecting September 10th to bring the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, the results of a new survey look very favorable for Apple’s future inside of China.

Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty reported this week that the iPhone 5C may give Apple the market leadership it’s been looking for inside of the world’s biggest mobile community.

Huberty on Monday issued a note to clients with the results of a survey of 2,000 Chinese mobile phone owners. What the data suggests is that the iPhone 5C “will drive incremental volume growth.”

Chinese consumers consider US$486 (or RMB 4,000) to be an acceptable price range for the lower-priced iPhone, 22% higher than where we think Apple will price it.

According to a summary of the survey findings shared with Fortune, the new plastic iPhone 5C could lift Apple’s market share in China by a significant 13.3 points while reducing Samsung’s share by 6.7 points. If Apple strikes a carrier deal with China Mobile, Apple’s share would likely climb by another 6 points (dragging Samsung’s share 4.6 points lower).

If the numbers shake out as anticipated, Apple may ride the iPhone 5C’s popularity all the way to the top of the Chinese smartphone market.