iPhone 5 Rumor: Supply Shortage May Last For Months

According to the latest speculation from inside the mobile tech rumor mill, Apple may struggle for several more weeks or months to keep iPhone 5 supply on pace with consumer demand.

Despite having logged record opening weekend sales for a new iPhone, some believe Apple may have been able to sell more than 5 million new iPhones in recent days had the supply shortage not been as dramatic.

“This is like the opening weekend for the summer blockbuster movie,” said Tom Dinges, senior principal analyst at IHS ISuppli. “They needed to get a lot of products in the door during a tight window, and these supply constraints that were talked about probably did have some impact.”

One of the theories presented as to why supplies are limited is that Apple can’t get a hold of enough in-cell displays for the new iPhone. Bloomberg on Tuesday reported that Apple may only have access to 10 million units of in-cell panels in the calendar third quarter.

“Apple is facing significant production constraints due to a move toward in-cell display technology,” Ben Reitzes, an analyst at Barclays, said yesterday. “Apple is struggling to keep up with demand.”