iPhone 5 Inventory Running Out Fast

Apple’s new iPhone 5 has only been available for preorder for a matter of hours, but it already appears that first day deliver inventory has been claimed.

According to published reports Friday morning, the first batch of iPhone 5s to be delivered September 21st are gone. Shipping times now put new orders at two-week out from the time of ordering

Even for Apple, this is unprecedented. Some industry analysts believe Apple could sell between 3-5 million iPhones over this opening weekend launch.

And if you think the supply issues will improve with time, think again, The device will ship September 21st in 9 countries. 22 additional countries will get the iPhone 5 a week later. And by the end of 2012, more than 100 countries will sell the iPhone 5 across some 240 mobile carriers.

And with rumored production glitches lingering in Apple’s Asian supply chain, the hottest new device in the smartphone world may remain difficult to come by for a tad while longer.